Hosting provider Site5 was founded in 1999 like many other hosting companies during the website explosion where they are based in USA Dallas, and Texas. They are also owned by Endurance International Group. EIG also owns many other hosting providers like HostGator, so we wonder which providers is truly independent. Site5 is specialized for experienced web users.

We can tell you also Site5 is a high advanced hosting provider which guarantees many advanced services. As well they offer a full 30-day free refund like several other hosting providers. For us these are good signs for any potential buyer. But from what we can see Site5 is not so much advanced and still is much more expensive than most competition. Besides that some of their hosting services are worthwhile in some special cases, but overall many other hosting company are doing mainly same quaily job or even better for a lower price.


From what we can see hosting provier Site5 for sure knows what needs to do, and what kind of service is best for their customers. For example if you visit their website, you will notice how they have so fancy website comparing for example with the website of HostGator, you get the feeling like you are going to far more professional hosting plan.

If you are a beginner then there may be problems around using their services, because Site5 uses high advanced tech expressions. But if you are an advanced user then you will finally feel like at home because this hosting provider speaks your language. From other information we can see that hosting provider Site5 claims that they regularly maintain data servers and because of that speed always is stable. But also they do not overload shared servers with too many users. As well their cusomer support team are entirely domestic, they speak English great without any problems, but also they have huge technical knowledge. 

SSL certificates

Every advanced user with an online shop knows the importance of SSL certificate and how it can make you angry your web hosting provider gives for free ecommerce solutions but at the same time charges for basic security SSL certificate. However certainly protection of your website is for sure important and as well it will bring you your much more customers trust and  of course money. But overall you need to have some kind of protection if you think you have an online store, so you definitely need to have SSL certificate. It is so good feeling when you know that hosting provider Site5 does not charge extra money for it.

Free 30-day trial

Like some other hosting companies, they also offer a money back guarantee, or in other words you can try their hosting services for free for 30 days, and if you do not like it. You can ask for a full refund, no questions asked. This is pretty much amazing, and you can be sure what are buying because you have plenty of time to try it.


Site5 services are available more or less for everyone because they already have plans for less than 5$ per month. But they have also several upgrades options that you can use if you need to further customize your package for example if your web project grows. Besides that, Site5 has also 3 basic plans which are: HostBasic with price 4.95$ per month, the second is hostPro for 8.95$ per month, and last is super fast plan called Lightning Speed ​​for 11.95$ per month. This hosting packages are only for shared hosting plans. Because they have also packages for reseller hosting, VPS, including dedicated server.

WordPress support

Like many other web hosting providers, Site5 offers also online tool with which you can do one-click installations for WordPress but also for many other web systems. Their customer support team knows the WordPress is most popular CMS, and because of that they prepared everything for that matter. Therefore you can very easily install WordPress, and get started. They also offer a number of free themes to make your website look much nicer.

Unlimited bandwidth

These days any web hosting company which can give 100% unlimited bandwidth and storage is always better solution than paying for extra storage at some other hosting provider. We know very well that there are too many hosting company on the market which are trying to charge extra for storage space or website speed which is not cool. Also constantly then you have to be careful not to waste all the storage space, which is really really stupid. Most web project will not take more than 5 TB of storage space. But when you know that you can use storage space as much as you need is for sure a amazing feature at your hosting company. As well unlimited bandwidth function means that you never need to think about how much users can visit your web project like WordPress blog.

No SSD support

Nowadays mostly all hosting providers has SSD drives, but unfortunately Site5 still has no SSD drives. So in other words it means that still today all your websites are carried with old mechanical hard drives which provides slower speeds than with SSD drives. But on ther hand as we said earlier hosting provider Site5 never overloads data servers with too many users. Honestly, we are not surprised because they actually have museum equipment in data centers.


All in all we can not say anything bad about Site5 because they provide a good hosting service. But to be honest we expected more from them though for the premium pricing. Overall, website speed, uptime and other functions are more or less adequate. As well if you are an beginner and you are looking for a cheap hosting plan, in reality there is no reason to pay for a premium price to get a average hosting service. As well designers and similiar web uers needs to do extensive research before choosing Site5 for their new web project. Overall if you are looking for cheap hosting provider or a excellent hosting experience you should look somewhere else.