Hosting company iPage provides a easy set of hosting products for any web project. As well the prices are super low including a money back guarantee. If you are new to hosting business, then you need to think about them.

We think that iPage is one of most experienced hosting company out there at this moment. Also you can see their moto on website, where it is clearly says that primary focus is to offer great customer support for the best user experience for any hosting service.

In this review, we are going to cover more or less the most important data of hosting company iPage and we are going to say a few words also about user experience. Then we can say if their hosting provider service is enough good as they claim.

Ipage is founded in 1998 so long time ago, and at the same time they are USA based. It is very interesting because they have grown huge and today they hosts more than one million web projects worldwide. Ipage currently has two high end data centers located in USA Boston and Massachusetts.

They are not like other hosting providers. They offer combination of shared hosting, WordPress hosting including dedicated servers. This kind of offer is not suit for everyone. At first when we see iPage pricing for their services we must ask ourself is this too good to be true. Unfortunately it is too good to be true, and you will see later why. We are honestly not surprised but hosting provider iPage is also part of Endurance International Group. So let see what you can expect from their hosting services.

Ease of use

Hosting provider iPage wants to offer services to many people as possible because they want more profit. For this part we can say Ipage offer seems right at this point. So basicly for a start we can say the hosting dashboard is very simple to use.

Also iPage gives many diferent tools with which you can very easy create your website with modern look. Normally you have ability to use WordPress or any other CMS. Besides that you have also option for Ecwid as e-commerce system, including the site modular called Weebly or you can use website builder made by iPage.

If you are a beginner then it may be wiser to use something simpler, therefore it may be the cPanel or Plesk rather complicated for you. Because of that iPage has created dashboard for administration of any web project which is much simpler for use. 

On this dashboard you can do any job you need to do, but when we speak about design unfortunately it looks old and for sure it needs update.

As we said earlier iPage hosting provider gives very easy setup steps for installing any web system. This allows to configure the website with ease. As well they have onboard assistants which can help you further during installation. So for example the WordPress assistant if you want can publish the first page and it can ajdust settings for your website additionally.

Besides that when you start to create an iPage account you will see it is a simple procedure with a few annoying steps. 

It took us about 10 minutes to register. Little too long, but what can we do. All steps during registration was necessary, but a good sign is there were no hidden costs like at some other hosting providers. 

After that we wanted to install the WordPress website, and we were not happy about speed installation because it took 15 minutes to install it, certainly too long.  In our opinion if everything goes good without any problems your WordPress website should be installed in less than 15 minutes.


When we speak about security we can tell you that iPage provides SiteLock security software with every hosting plan. Security tool SiteLock does all like any other security plugin including firewall function with malware scanning ability. Besides that SiteLock has DDoS protection, and it can also help you to  remove malware. Additionally you will get free daily backups that can be normally restored for free with any hosting plan. In our opinion this is a very good function that other hosting companies does not offer for free. 


We all found ourselves in a some tech problem at some point, so support is certainly one of the important factors, because of that hosting company iPage offers 24/7 customer support for all hosting services. As well they offer managed customer service for other services like VPS plan including the dedicated servers.

From what we can see Ipage offers customer support via live chat, phone call and ticket system. We have tested the live chat to see how their customer support team is actually good. Before we tell you what kind of support it is, we would like to say a few additional words on same topic. So beside real agents from customer support, every user has ability to use their extensive documentation which also includes videos for easier understanding.

So we were not disappointed with live chat support. Every time we needed help, we were right away connected through to a live chat representative. They answered all our questions without any problems. From our experience agents knows everything they need to know how to fix a problem, and they are very polite.


Overall hosting provider iPage is for sure for beginners, and at this point they do a really good job of ensuring that undemanding web users have all functions and features they need to have for a working web project.

No wonder with prices so low, we are not surprised at all to see how many people are interested to use their hosting services. However in the long term, the prices are much higher for renewal and it is not worth because the level of services they offer. We have selection of many other hosting company with much better services and customer support with similar cost.

Sure at the beginning they are really cheap, but still we recommend paying a little more for better hosting service.