Hosting company InMotion has been long time in web business since 2001 and from what we can see they are one of the most popular providers in the USA. Currently they have more than 400,000  domains hosted.

InMotion hosting reputation is as well also impressive. For example we have seen too many times when hosting provider becomes big and suddenly quality services become bad. So when this happens mostly hosting performance including reliability are not what they used to be at the beginning of the business. As well some customers says that the quality of customer support service can also become worse. I wanted to know if InMotion Hosting continues to offer solid service and great performance, just as it promises.

InMotion provider offers hosting services for everyone. Normally they have WordPress including shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, and managed VPS including reseller hosting packages. If you need a domain registration then you have come to the right place because they offer it too. In this review, we are going to try cover all useful information about InMotion hosting provider.

Their primary potential customers are located in USA. That is why it does not surprise us that their services are only available in English. As well, they only work with two data centers located in the USA. One is located in Virginia and the second data center is located in California.

Ease of use

After you register you will be satisfied if you decide to use InMotion account management panel. It looks very old from 19 century, but trust us it is very simple dashboard which can use even a beginner. Besides that you will find many useful links across the user interface. As well InMotions hosting provider offers their own website builder, this creation tool is located in cPanel. All in all very easy to use.

When we speak about hosting plans than we can say the dedicated servers including managed VPS hosting packages are without a doubt some of the best plans in the hosting business. Also if you had the honor of using them before, then you know how good performance are and what can you do with it. 

Like on almost any other hosting providers they provide script installer with tool called Softaculous. With this tool you can install almost any script like WordPress with just one click, which is of course cool and even beginners can do it themselves.

cPanel is great possibility in web hosting business, because of that using InMotion is very easy for everyone. Indeed, everything is at your fingertips, you can easily adjust each function and of course use it.


Thanks to various tools and accessories like WordPress plugins for optimization of your web project InMotion server performance is much better. Without these tools, their performance would be at least 15% worse.

Also this promise we have already seen in other hosting providers, where they like InMotion promise a 99.9% runtime server guarantee . This applies for all hosting plans which sound good. After testing and from some other information, we can tell you the runtime was average and even below 99.92%. However in the long run, the situation improved.

What surprised us was that we were able to read some articles where some claim server runtime over 99.97%. As well have reports of runtime with 100%. We hope that this is true.

In our own experience during testing, we can not say nothing bad about the running performance. Because we have never had any problems regarding speed. Normally we tested the WordPress website and everything was super fast including all pages loaded the same moment. The installation of WordPress themes and plugins also went smoothly.


InMotion has many diferent hosting pacakges. Because of that you have posibilty to use functions for example hosting for multiple domains, as well unlimited bandwidth including a free SSL certificate for your web project. If you have enough funds than you can maybe buy the managed hosting plan which will do everything for you completely. 

Also do not forget that they provide cPanel with which you can install any app or CMS like WordPress with just one click. If you need a business hosting plan, then you can have WordPress or other CMS pre-installed by the InMotion customer technical team.


Hosting provider InMotion provides 24/7/365 customer support service for any hosting package. If you need help you can contact customer support via live chat, ticket system, e-mail or by phone. If you already have some knowledge, it may not be a bad idea to take a look their documentation and guides, because they have prepared a lot of documentation for you.

We have contacted InMotion customer support team several times via live chat system to see how they perform. Unfortunately it can take a little longer until someone answers your question. Especially it can happen at the busiest time of day. In one case we had to wait very long time about more than half an hour. Otherwise you should not wait longer than some 5 minutes, because it’s some average waiting time for support team.

Once we finally got connected with support team, we can tell you the customer support staff were helpful and friendly. But most important of all, they managed to help me solve the problem. 

What is most interesting for example if you your session with customer support accidentally ended it, you will still receive email with complete conversation. But we would rather want to have a quicker response time from their customer support team, but this is still quite a useful feature for users because they can read all steps or necessary information regarding thier problem.


Hosting provider InMotion is in hosting business since 2001, in other words It is very long time on the market, and they know how to do a great job for customers. The infrastructure in their data centers is first class including the customer support team which is outstanding. You will get many great products for very low price.