With over 30 million users, company Hostinger is one of the largest web hosts. The company often advertises unlimited storage space for their packages. In addition to this Hostinger has very low prices given the quality of service. Hostinger also promises an easy to use their services, reliable and developer friendly web hosting services that offers many good features, high security, ultra speed and awesome customer service support.

Hostinger is better for bigger web projects because their services offers many user accounts with important factors such as storage or bandwidth for your projects like WordPress websites. The prices are not too high comparing with competition, but also do not forget that the discount for long-term commitment ensures a low cost advantage. But on the other hand the unnecessary additional costs for extra domains of for the support that can only be reached by email contact are less pleasant for any user.

Hostinger Pros

They have a lot of nice things to offer for their customers, and this is where we will look at the things we like about them. 

Fast server speed

It is very important that your website or any web project loads quickly. Any webpage that takes longer than a few seconds it is not good for your customer and, mostly in that situation customers are leaving your website.

Also according by Google one second delay in loading your web project can affect conversion rates up to 25%. So for example if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load completly, you can forget about visitors on your website.

Hostinger company have servers worldwide in the US, Europe, and Asia. Your super fast servers use a 1000 Mbps connection, and such a fast connection provides fast connection for you web projects.

But in reality how fast are they exactly and what can you expect? Well, you can exšect super fast speeds to be exact. All you need to do is activate the „Automatic cache” function in the Cache Manager settings, and because of that we were able to save another 0.2 seconds for loading time which is a great result.

All in all we can say that one of their main goals surely is speed, and that is what sets them apart from many of the other web hosting companies.

WordPress setup

For example if you only need to use one domain for you project, you can also add any number of subdomains and work with any number of websites for free per subdomain. Websites like WordPress blogs or online shops can be created and set up quickly. Besides that Hostinger also advertises in the VIP and business hosting packages with a high speed optimized for WordPress. Also all databasesand files are stored on SSD disk drives to help to process calls to the blog system as quickly as possible. But unfortunately there is no dedicated cache function such as Varnish or APCu. Instead they like many other hosting providers, use its own cloud network.


Many customers think that all they need is an SSL certificate and they will be fine with their web projects. However, this is not the true. You need a lot more security measures to do than this to keep your website safe. Hostinger understands this and offers it to all their users.

Bitninja comes included in all hosting plans. It is an complete protection suite that prevents DDoS, malware, script injection, brute force and many other automated attacks to you website.

Besides that Hostinger also offers any hosting plan with SpamAssassin option , which is an email spam filter that automatically checks any email and removes spam.

All hosting plans come with:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloudflare web protection
  • Daily backups or weekly backups
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection
  • SpamAssassin protection

So you can see that Hostinger takes security seriously considering affordable shared hosting plans, so we can conclude that they are still able to deliver high security measures for their users.

Customer service

If you are in this business then you know very well that many things can go wrong because of that we have customer support team to help us. Unfortunately Hostinger does not have great customer support as it should be. Biggest problem is that you need to wait a longer time to get someone from customer support.

Besides the longer waiting time, the customer support is excellent or in other words they are very useful. Hostinger support team is very full of knowledge and explains step by step how to fix your problem.

At this moment Hostinger from what we can see has significantly improved its customer support response time. So now average pickup time is about now less than 2 minutes which is ok.

Do we recommend Hostinger?

Yes of course, we think that Hostinger is an great web host.

It is great option for both beginners and experienced web users.

They offer so many great features out there at very low prices no matter which hosting plan you decide to use.

At this moment the common web hosting plan that we recommend is their premium hosting plan as this gives you the most significant value. You get almost all what you need to get start like the benefits of the cloud hosting package at a much lower price. 

When you are ready to start your web hosting account at Hostinger, please see if you need high speed. Then in our opinion the cloud hosting plan is for you.

But besides that the hosting plan we really recommend if you can pay it is their shared cloud hosting which is great solution. It is their hybrid shared hosting with VPS hosting option together. 

Therefore you really have a huge choice, for less demanding users, all the way to very demanding web projects.

Hence all in all Hostinger offers ease of use, simple user interface and of course very important factor low price for their services. These features besides their great experience, makes them a top choice for any website project.