Web hosting company Hostgator is a based in Houston, Texas. It was founded almost 20 years ago in 2002 and is therefore one of the oldest hosting providers. Now on the hosting market for over 18 years, still is the one of the most popular hosting company. They are also particularly popular in the USA. But according to its own information, Hostgator hosts over 10,000,000 domains which is amazing.

Today Hostgator is part of the EIG (Endurance International Group) just like some other company for example Bluehost. EIG is an American group of many individual IT companies cooperating together. In our opinion they are more or less the parent company of many hosting companies and they still today constantly buy other hosting providers.

But how good is the HostGator hosting provider and what can you expect from them? So we have tested the HostGator objectively compared it with other hosting providers.


According to many users Hostgator provider is one of the most stable company when it comes to web uptime. This means that your web project will be usually online and it can be accessed. With Hostgator it is impressive with over 99.99%. Or in other words you can rely on Hostgator experience because they know how to provide stable uptime in last 20 years.


Besides uptime one of the most important things about web hosting is surely speed. Because very slow servers result in the slow opening of your web projects. Especially if you are high demanding web user, so basicly you need high-speed server with great performance. Because it is a very well known fact that if your website opens slow, there is a high possibility that every third visitor will leave your website.


It is very interesting that when it comes to storage information Hostgator for some reason does not want to tell you how much exactly storage you will get. So basicly when we speak about the cheap hosting plans, they call it the Unmetred Bandwidth. HostGator team says that the storage is not limited, but remember if you too often use more than 25% of the storage capacity for more than 90 seconds. There is a high probability that you are violating the HostGator user guidelines. Unfortunately this information from HostGator did not help us too much.


Nowadays certainly security is absolutely important on the Internet and it is playing very important role due to the increasing number of hacker attacks. Since Hostgator provider is one of the oldest hosting company on the market and at the same time belongs to huge corporation, security is very important for them. Therefore you do not need to worry because they have made sure everything is well protected for all their users. Also the SSL certificate is free and it is included with every hosting plan.

Ease of use

It is very important that each user can do everything himself without huge problems because of that HostGator features are created to make your life much easier. This also goes for to the creation of any web project to the termination of your hosting account. All steps you need to do are very user friendly which sound great. So you can normally use one-click installations, but also use WordPress hosting including website builder. So you can see that all of these tools will help you to install any web project without you having high technical knowledge.

HostGator hosting provider is definitely made for beginners. But if you are an advanced user, this company is still a good choice for you. Because company offers functions which can also be used by advanced users. For example this can be MySQL databases with access via phpMyAdmin, and FTP accounts. HostGator support  advanced features such as PHP 5 and 7, Ruby on Rails, Perl and also Python . Besides that it support ccess via SSH so that you can do so-called cron jobs.


Alsmost like any other hosting company Hostgator offers 24/7 live support via chat, telephone including Skype chat. For us this is definitely a huge plus that is often underestimated. Because customer support is very important and at the same time needed more often than you might believe. For example in emergencies customer support is very helpful if you have some problem which you can not solve by yourself.


Hostgator company is for sure one of the cheapest hosting providers on the market and now offers hosting packages from 2.75$. Also you get a domain with an SSL certificate for free. After the entry price you need pay continuously 6.95$ per month, which is also at the same time very low price in the end. In return you will get all you need to start working. So basicly with just a several dollars more you have the opportunity to upgrade to the baby or business plan. These hosting plans contains unlimited web domains while with the business plan you get much more bandwidth.

But if you do not have enough money, quite fine will be their initial package.

Today from what we can see most of the websites are now based on WordPress, because of that Hostgator also offers its own WordPress hosting package. With WordPress package Hostgator advertises 2.5x more speed. As well you can see how fast your website it is with a normal package when you get a WordPress package. 

In our opinion if you have a WordPress website and you want to work with Hostgator provider,  then you should for sure choose the WordPress hosting package. You will get a much faster cloud hosting. But also do not forget in combination with a good caching system your website or any project will be super fast.


Hostgator company is very good hosting provider from the USA which offers all what you need for web hosting solutions of all kinds. The prices for their services are different depending on packages. But overall looking they offer interesting solutions for beginners, but also for professionals.