DreamHost hosting company was founded long ago in 1996 and is one of the most trusted web hosting providers on the market with approximately 1.6 million websites projects currently hosted. They are the longest-running web hosting provider in the market today, DreamHost company is knowledgeable about affordability, features, and customer support. In this DreamHost review we will let you know if this web hosting is a good choice for you or not.

However, we want to show you everything they have in offer for their customers. So if they are on your „maybe“ list, a better way to determine if DreamHost company is a good choice or not it is advisable to read our review.

DreamHost is an independent hosting company which can be good or bad, although Endurance International has bought some of the biggest hosting companies like Hostgator, and Bluehost.

Therefore it is not at all easy for them and in order for DreamHost to continue to be successful company, they need to work harder to enable better service for customers who are looking for good hosting.

So let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

DreamHost hosting price range group is from cheap to medium, they mostly have services for everyone in their offer. So for example shared hosting plan costs 2.59$ per month. This is a great deal for small projects like WordPress websites that are just starting out and they have small budget for beginning. This hosting plan includes one website installation and a free SSL certificate. It comes with a shared hosting server, but they also have a support for a website, and normally they offer unlimited traffic with fast SSD storage.

If you are a more demanding user then DreamPress Pro is available from 71.95$ per month with a great support, but also with on-demand backups and you will get a free Jetpack Professional. So this hosting plan is more powerful WordPress hosting for big websites and businesses that want great performance on their high traffic website projects.

The company’s VPS hosting plan is good product for money. The VPS basic plan starts at 13.75$ per month and you will receive 1GB of Ram and 30GB of SSD storage for you projects. Besides that dedicated hosting plans at DreamHost is are in affordable range. Starting at 169$ per month, the plan offers shell access  and root, but also DDoS protection.

All in all, the DreamHost hosting plans are very cheap or in other words they have very low prices for their services. If not the cheapest hosting plans out there comparing with others. Also you can get a lower price if you choose to  get a three-year contract.

Fast web servers are a very important factor when you are choosing a web hosting plan. Also research says that website visitors will leave your website if loading is very slow.

So normally the faster your website loads, it is then definitely better for you.

In reality website owners needs websites that load super fast. This is DreamHosts promise. The average load speed of DreamHost is 1.3s which is great. Also DreamHost comes with gzip compression and integrated caching. These functions are activated by default, so you do not need to do nothing about that to enable it. So this function is cached on the web server level with Memcached and PHP OPcache. Besides that it runs on lightning-fast PHP7 which is installed on a Nginx web server.

Besides websites speed also it is very important to have a good website uptime, so because of that many web hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime, but from our experience this is not a true. So basicly we have tested DreamHost for several months to see how it works but also how good uptime it is. DreamHost uptime was very good and reliable, even better than 99.9% in our experience.

If is there something that we want to change at DreamHost company, it is their customer service support. Because it took a little longer than usual time to reach customer support. But also besides that you can only contact customer support through the cPanel ticket system or through their limited live chat support.

DreamHost hosting has a huge knowledge base which can help starters and more experienced users to solve their problems. Also the company is regularly updating blog with new helpful information. Which is a less professional than the technical instructions but still it can help. So on the blog you find helpful tips on how to make your website even better.

DreamHost hosting offers for all shared plans a 97-day money back guarantee. While for DreamPress plans it offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

This is amazing as even InMotion company offers 90 day money-back guarantee which can’t even compete. And when we speak about other hosting companies they mostly give you 30 to 45 days to cancel if you are not satisfied with their service.

DreamHost wants to be sure they are or maybe not the right choice for you. And with such a great refund time policy, you have quite enough time to decide.

After all great example are many ecommerce stores which claim that if they extend the refund time period, they will actually see a decrease in refund claims and an increase in sales.

DreamHost company provides affordable prices with a huge features and tools to provide amazing hosting plans. We found that users which are beginners made quick progress with the program like DreamHost 1-click installer and custom cPanel. Which certainly makes it a lot easier to work with if you aren’t getting along well enough yet.

In our opinion, DreamHost hosting is really great when it comes to providing a cheap hosting solutions. DreamHost started first as open source project and wanted to provide something better for developers. Thanks to advanced hosting functions such as unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited SFTP users, multiple programming languages ​​and support for these languages, we can freely recommend DreamHost company for you web projects.